I’m on a mission. My mission is to convince my colleagues to join the Twitter Fan Club. In the short few months that I have been active on Twitter, I wonder why it’s taken me so long to join.

Here are 10 reasons I’m a FAN of Twitter:

1) 5 minutes is all I need to learn one new thing. Imagine 20 minutes on Twitter?

2) Connections with incredibly inspiring educators.

  • @bethhill2829
  • @mssackstein
  • @mrkempnz
  • @cybraryman1
  • @ScottRRocco
  • @TalksWTeachers

3) Engaging discussions that make me think, reflect, inquire.

4) So much technology to explore, so many links thru Twitter.

5) Positive support and motivation.

6) “Attend” conferences via other’s live tweeting.

7) Get input from around the globe. A global perspective is enlightening!

8) Keeps me current.

9) Connection to blogs. Some of my favorites:

10) And finally, tweeting is the perfect way to build your Professional Learning Network (PLN)

I can’t say enough about how much I’ve fallen in love with Twitter.  Here’s a link to some more great Twitter resources from Edudemic:

And to think, this is how Twitter has impacted me.  I haven’t even touched on how Twitter can impact student learning.  Oh, the places Twitter can take you!

How has Twitter impacted your professional life?  Please share…


6 thoughts on “Twitterastic!

  1. Twitter opened my eyes to what was going on in the world, my mind to new possibilities and opportunities. It has made me a better educator in every way. I have better ideas, better connections, better activities, a better attitude, which has led me to better days. If you only have time for one PD, make it Twitter. It has everything you need .

  2. Excellent points! In the last 2 months, Twitter has really opened up my views on teaching and has inspired me to do even more next year.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! I would love to hear how Twitter has affected you and your teaching. I haven’t had a chance to put my learning into action directly but look forward to soon. Thanks so much for reading my blog. Will happily read yours…

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