Feed Your Teaching Soul

A few months ago, I joined a Facebook group (http://talkswithteachers.com/) geared at feeding your teaching soul.  As a member of this group, I have been inspired to focus my energy on topics such as organization, creativity, reflection, and spirit. This journey was so empowering, I joined the second month’s challenge without hestitation.

This month’s theme is RESTORATION.

This week’s  “assignment” revolves around Habits.  We were asked to spend 1 week forming a new habit.

As a SAHM gearing up to go back to work after 6 years, my goal is to cultivate the habit of unplugging more often when I’m around my kiddos.

That text can wait.

That twitter update can wait.

That email can wait.

Life will go on with or without my attention, but time with my kids goes way too fast and I don’t want to miss a beat. So this week, I will maximize my time with my boys. I will work hard to make this a new HABIT.

And who knows…maybe, after 7 days, I will “forget” my phone when I’m out and about with my boys.


...and we really can live without a 100.00 a month cell phone bill, manicures, parties, vacations, etc...choose a picnic at the lake with pbj, free swings at the park, an evening stroll with the kids at sunset...little money, you can get by.


1 thought on “Feed Your Teaching Soul

  1. So very true ! In the blink of an eye…your kids are grown, so nothing is more important than enjoying your kids and watching them grow. I know first hand….You do…..

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