Not Your Ordinary Camp


CAMP. I love that word. When I hear the word CAMP I am flooded with fantastic memories of swimming, horseback riding, archery, arts and crafts, not so good food, suntan, sleepaway, great friends and Lake Cotoctin.

But now I am going to different kind of camp. One that includes Voxer, ApprenNET, 100 like-minded people from across the world, and a deep conversation about engaging parents in our schools.  And this camp is COOL. Our discussion, thus far, revolves around the first two chapters of the book Behind the Bake Sale, by Anne T. Henderson, Karen L. Mapp, Vivian R. Johnson, and Don Davies.

This is GROWN-UP camp via #ptcamp (check out the Twitter feed) and the AMAZING Joe Mazza, whose vision and passion for improving education is inspiring thousands daily. Thank you, Joe!

Here are my take-aways, so far:

  • Schools across the world are doing amazing things to engage parents.
  • Schools across the world are also struggling in their efforts to engage parents.
  • In some schools, students are leading conferences with parents. They are about 15-20 minutes, using a script.
  • Parent/Teacher home visits are POWERFUL in building relationships.
  • Language interpreters are necessary to meet the needs of our diverse families.
  • Families should be considered “full partners” and “co-creators” (Professor Karen Mapp’s words, not mine 🙂

Take a minute to look at the image below and think about what version applies most to your school (whether you’re an educator or parent).

Be honest and please share comments.



2 thoughts on “Not Your Ordinary Camp

  1. Good thoughts to ponder, for sure. Honestly, I think we’re mostly Open-Door but have some issues to address for sure. As I look at the document there is some progress to make in addressing differences. It helps with details on how to create a partnership school.

    1. I know, what’s so interesting now is I can look at it from a Teacher perspective from several years ago and a Parent perspective now. I definitely think as a Teacher we were an open-door school, but not completely. Surely we could have done more to connect with parents. I love that we see what Partnership School looks like…and the research shows this vision is powerful and advantageous. One day….

      Thanks for reading, Jen! Always love your feedback 🙂

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