One Chat, 11 Minutes, 10 Takeaways…WOW!

Last night I engaged in #titletalk, a chat that occurs (sadly) the last Sunday of each month from 8-9EST on Twitter. I say sadly because this is one of the most POWERFUL chats in the Twittersphere.

To learn more about it, please visit

You know you’re in a great chat with amazing educators when 11 minutes in, you already have a list of 10 takeaways. A great way to catch up on the chats is to visit and search #titletalk. Make sure you have googledocs or evernote handy…you’re going to take lots of notes.

The topic was “Launching Back to School Reading” with a grand finale of book recs for the start of the year.

Here are my takeaways:

(mind you, the chat was 60 minutes, so if you do the math…well, there’s a lot)

  • Begin the year with an interest inventory using Google Docs
  • Speed Dating- “What Have You Read” style
  • Book Talks
  • Silent Reading (and conferring)
  • Summer Rdg Door Ideas (Like these…)
  • Sharing book trailers
  • Letter to students before school starts to invite them to help set up classroom library
  • Reading Information Night (for parents)
  • Shelfies (
  • @theBooksource to log in your class library and begin a new checkout system
  • Global Read Aloud Day: October 6th
  • No reading logs! Reading GOALS.
  • Students interview Parents about their life as a reader and share with class
  • #booksandbagels (sounds like a great way to start a book discussion before school, but why not include FAMILIES???)
  • take roll using book titles…instead of “here” or “present” students say the book/magazine/article they’re reading
  • Adding book recommendations to your email signature (“I am currently reading…”)
  • Have something posted for all to see that shares what you’re currently reading
  • One Tweep shared his weekly morning starter activity for each day: MON: Book Trailer, TUES: Book Talk by Teacher, WED: Book Talk by Student, THURS: Poem, FRI: Reading Logs/(Goal Sheet)
  • And most importantly, this Tweet by THE Donalyn Miller herself: “Grandma’s bookshelf, Barnes & Noble, and the public library–not leveled. Kids need strategies for book selection!”

Here’s some recs for books to start of the beginning of the year:

20660824 182250376609765825377



How will you kick of literacy in your classroom this year? Please share and add to the list.


2 thoughts on “One Chat, 11 Minutes, 10 Takeaways…WOW!

  1. Thank you for the amazing list of ideas as well as book recommendations. I often rely on other teacher’s suggestions for a place to start when I’m not sure what books to try next. I plan on using book talks. I’m also excited for Global Read Aloud and International Dot Day! My project for a class set of books was just funded on Donors Choose & I’ve made plans to do a project with an author this fall. So I’m very excited. One thing that I’m dropping this year — reading homework logs.

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