Star Struck

Oprah Winfrey was in downtown Baltimore last week eating crabs.

Actually eating crabs about 20 minutes from where I live!!! I can’t believe I missed it.


You could say I’m pretty star struck. I mean, imagine spending a week with your favorite movie stars, TV stars, or musicians. It’s a pretty big deal.

Well, I have some favorite READING stars, too.

Yup, there is such a thing.

I have the privilege and honor of spending a week with several of my favorite reading stars. If you are as passionate about reading as I am, you will understand that meeting Lucy Calkins is pretty spectacular.


Bumping into Kate Roberts in the hall and having her sign her book for me was also pretty spectacular.


And getting to meet the ONE AND ONLY (not Ivan, though that would have been cool, too) BOOK WHISPERER herself, Donalyn Miller—will be icing on the dark chocolate cake.

I am spending the week immersed in a Reading Institute at the Teacher’s College at Columbia University learning from these great minds. How lucky am I?

Here are my take-aways so far, and I’m only two days in!

Mind you, these are just my notes!!

Reading Workshop Tips

What Does The Reading Workshop Look Like in Action?

Wise Words from Kathleen Tolan

Visit my Heart of Literacy page via FB to view sample anchor charts.

Stay tuned…more to come!


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