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Somewhere Under the Rainbow…


Fostering and nurturing acceptance in a child is one of the biggest gifts we can give our children. The world is incredibly globalized, and children will cross paths with an individual who is different in one way or another. People from diverse backgrounds can be found in every job field, and a child that is unable to accept differences in others will suffer in the future.

This week, #ptcamp is engaging in colorful conversations about diversity based on the book, Beyond the Bake Sale. Several Voxers in the group have expressed concern about their lack of diversity among race, ethnicity and culture. We understand the importance of teaching acceptance, but how do we teach it in our schools if they are primarily one race?

Here are several brilliant ideas that have been expressed this week:

  •  Joy shared that we should tap into our HS graduates that have attended college.  Invite them back to elementary schools to share what they wish they were taught about diversity.
  • Geniene suggested tapping into children’s own history, going back a couple of generations to see how different they are from their roots.
  • Becky suggested using the term “Different Abilities” rather than “Disabilities”. (Love this!)
  • Several voxers mentioned different levels of diversity instead of simply thinking about race and culture… (socioeconomic, academic, sexual orientation)

My biggest takeaway thus far from my week from the Beyond the Bake Sale discussion:

Embrace your families and commit to building meaningful, authentic relationships with them everyday.

How do you embrace diversity in your home, school, and life?